School to School Support

The EFTSA is committed to school improvement through a school-led system of collaboration and support. Please use the contact us form to enquire as to how the EFTSA can support your school with bespoke packages. We are able to draw on skill and expertise from across our alliance so that support can be personalised to your precise needs.

Project Two

Purpose of the project is: 20 Teaching School Alliance partners are involved in this research project. EFTSA and Shepway TSA are south east partners in the project. The three themes that are being explored are:

  • Communication and Language
  • School readiness
  • Transitions

Leaders of Education


National Leaders of Education


Local Leaders of Education


Specialist Leaders of Education


Foundation Leaders of Education


Evaluation of SLE Deployment Form

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Support Evaluation Form

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"Emphasis on physical aspects reinforced to all staff."

− Writing in Early Years

"Ideas to increase interest in writing and building up fine motor skills and co-ordination."

− Writing in Early Years

"A better understanding of standards and skills that will be beneficial to my daily work."

− Maximising the Impact of Your Role as a Teaching Assistant

"To get children engaged and involved irrespective of their ethnic background and ability."

− Helicopter Stories

"Allow children to use their imagination."

− Helicopter Stories

"To get children to be more confident and join in with other children. I will be starting this with my group as soon as possible and we will do it once a week."

− Helicopter Stories

"How to use maths daily in all aspects of the day."

− Let’s Count

"Use ideas to inspire children to get excited about maths."

− Let’s Count

"Using maths everywhere, in everything they do."

− Let’s Count