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Contacts at EFTSA

General Enquiries:
Charlotte Dinning

"Emphasis on physical aspects reinforced to all staff."

− Writing in Early Years

"Ideas to increase interest in writing and building up fine motor skills and co-ordination."

− Writing in Early Years

"A better understanding of standards and skills that will be beneficial to my daily work."

− Maximising the Impact of Your Role as a Teaching Assistant

"To get children engaged and involved irrespective of their ethnic background and ability."

− Helicopter Stories

"Allow children to use their imagination."

− Helicopter Stories

"To get children to be more confident and join in with other children. I will be starting this with my group as soon as possible and we will do it once a week."

− Helicopter Stories

"How to use maths daily in all aspects of the day."

− Let’s Count

"Use ideas to inspire children to get excited about maths."

− Let’s Count

"Using maths everywhere, in everything they do."

− Let’s Count