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 Research and Development Projects


Northfleet Nursery School

"How can we encourage good gross motor control of children’s bodies?"

In this research we were using yoga to improve gross motor skills. We kept track of their skills both before and after their assigned yoga time. This was to answer the action research question "How can we encourage good gross motor control of children’s bodies?". 

Action Research 14-15

  "How can we support children to count accurately to ten?" 

We decided to carry out a simple assessment task to establish who were the children counting to ten with accuracy as well as figuring out who is not quite at that same level, with the idea that this task will be repeated at the end of the year so as to give a clear and reliable comparison.

Action Research 15-16  

 "How can we develop children’s observational skills and their ability to talk about the features of their environment?”

 An assessment was carried out with 15 all being asked the same questions so as to gauge their foundational understanding. We then focussed on our secret garden to improve this area to be more suitable for children's use. This included an action including sharing the space and using the equipment we have as well as new equipment.

Action Research 16-17

 "Developing parental engagement to promote a love of reading in children aged 3 – 4 years old"

We performed our initial audit on the current book areas in all the classrooms. We asked questions such as how many of the children were choosing to read and did children then share books with either adults or other children? Or did the areas seem inviting? Lastly we sent home a questionnaire to see if children were reading at home and at school.

Action Research 17-18




Schools working in action research include:
Riverview Infants School
Blean Primary School
Rosherville Primary 
Cage Green